Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoughts on the iPad 2

WorkstationsPost-PC devices
Office automation "productivity" applicationsWork, play, social, embedded, and ubiquitous
Powerful computer (multi-gigabyte RAM, Cray-on-a-chip RISC processors)Back to nG (n cores x 1GHz , n GB RAM, n GB storage (flash)
Impoverished communication bandwidth (large screen, keyboard/mouse input)Rich communication (always on, always connected, computer can see you, knows where you are, new I/O devices)
Stand-alone system that is stable unless the user decides to make a changeConnected system subjected to constant change
Manipulation of iconsImmersive interface
Weak object-orientation (small number of large objects with very few attributes)Strong object-orientation (large number of small objects with rich attribute sets)
"Finder" (visible file system) is unifying home base, and files are the basic interaction objectPersonal information retrieval as unifying principle with atomic application units (apps) as as basic interaction object
Surf your hard-drive(s)Information comes to you
Users are "the rest of us" (have no previous computer experience)Users are "The Post-Nintendo Generation" (grown up with computers)