Monday, December 13, 2010

I, for one, have increasing respect for the folks who make bricks

One of the most interesting parts about the whole process of making an iPhone case that fits standard 'bricks' is how difficult of a problem it is to make something as simple but accurate as an ordinary brick.  The tolerances are tighter than 
you might imagine.

Though we had laser-scanned real bricks, that wasn't close enough, given the various things that happen to plastic parts during the molding process.  We literally had to 'grow' the mold, a tiny step at a time, until we got the 'fit' that we desired.

Nor was 'size' the only problem.

The photo here is of a very early pre-production part.   The cloudiness you see below is not present in the real parts.  We solved this particular problem by a combination of a slight materials change and a change to the pressure used during the molding process.  Just another problem we had to solve on the way toward brick mastery!

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