Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're back!

Hi folks,

Well, a lot has changed since April (the last blog post here was in April, nearly 6 months ago).

We decided to move production of the BrickCase 4 (iPhone) and BrickCase for iPod Touch (4th gen) out of China, and back to the USA.

Then we decided to move ourselves back to the mainland.

We're now located in Austin, TX, and both the manufacturing of the BrickCases and the packing for them (which has changed from the simple bag we used previously to something much more "retail-friendly") are located within 30 miles of our office.

Yes, the iPod Touch BrickCase is still ... unreleased. We're still doing some test runs to perfect the process (pressure, time in the mold before release, etc.) to get to a perfect product, and the last-minute details (e.g. translations to Spanish and French are pending) on the packaging straightened out.

And... we're going to our first trade-show. If you are at the TIA Fall Toy Preview, drop by booth #4219 and see what else we have under wraps.

And yes, we know that the iPhone 5 will likely launch while we're at the show.

More soon!

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  1. Hi there do you think where can i get this brick iphone 4 case in malaysia ??