Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Colors! And iPod Touch BrickCases!

 Hi folks,

Well, the pics say most of it.   Several new colors (some not pictured here) are hot off the press.

The yellow probably won't make it on this first run, the color match isn't close enough for Ogel.

The new colors are:  Red, Blue, Pink, Transparent Pink and Lime Green.

Also, we've added a BrickCase for the iPod Touch (2010 and later models) in all the above colors, plus Black.

Brick On!

The new thing

Sometimes melting plastic is messy
Red color match

Blue color match
iPod Touch BrickCases


  1. Great new colours when do you expect the touch covers to be available?
    Also any chance that you'll do them for the Samsung Galaxy S2?

  2. Awesome stuff! I was also wondering if/when you guys plan on making cases for other popular phones and tablets. Ipads and other tablets would offer a huge canvas for brick creations. I personally use a galaxy note 2 which would itself be a great base for brick building. The s3 and other samsung products are hugely popular which would net you guys a large number of customers!

  3. iPhone 5 cases. I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive about BrickCases. We should appreciate those who do something special. Keep it up, thanks.
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